Hello! My name is Stephan.
I am a German/Spanish artist, born 1983.

For me, the process of creating a work of art is a means of finding an inner peace, a balance that I have sought for so long.

I am an abstract expressionist and I'm using a variety of materials and techniques to create a multi-layered, blurred effect.

The viewer is drawn into my abstract and figurative works that are awash with somber hues and flecks of light. Allusions to details and messages that lie just below the surface.

I'm obsessed with colors/shapes and work incredibly hard to turn them into something you'll want to hang on your walls for a lifetime.

Each of my artworks is unique and challenges the imagination of the viewer. I present my work in solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

" Painting is the mirror and expression of my soul, my language. I have found my water - now I finally get to know my element! "